The Nearshore Outsourcing Concept

We help you lower your development costs, while still keeping the quality at a high level. This creates room for new ideas and digital opportunities to grow.
A key to success is smooth and efficient communication.

Outsourcing creates value

We believe in a productive division of work when it comes to marketing. The strategy, brand management, conception should be in the hands of the client or a trusted lead agency while we take care of the realization of digital applications on all desired platforms.

This model works when the quality of the results is outstanding. As we are primarily working for the German market, you can trust our expertise and high standards – not only in technical terms, but also when it comes to time and budget adherence.

Nearshore: Why being close matters

Nearshore means both geographical and cultural proximity to the client and the market that our solutions are meant for. At the same time we benefit from lower cost of labour, especially in Eastern European countries like Poland, Hungary or Bulgaria. Especially Sofia in Bulgaria is well-known as a lively and innovative developer community. Bulgaria has long become the favourite destination for IT Outsourcing in Europe.

A time difference of just one hour and a flight distance of just two or three hours (depending on where in Europe you start from) means that collaboration happens in real time during your office hours, and it won’t be a big deal if you need to have developers on-site temporarily. Our developers went on ‘development missions’ in UK, France and Germany before. And we had clients visit our office in Sofia, too.

This proximity seems to create a stronger link: the relationships with our clients are valuing and trustful. Clients know, that we will always go the extra mile because we care for their success.

Development centre in Sofia

Our Team of 30+ developers and designers is based in Sofia. Both, German and English speaking project management and customer support is given.

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