Mobile App Development

Native development for Android and iOS, or cross-platform based on React Native and Ionic.

Native, or not? Depends on...

With React Native and Ionic we use solid and increasingly popular open source projects for the cross-platform development of native apps. Native UI elements, typical animations and features are easy to integrate, so that the user experience is comparable to a native app.

Nevertheless, there are cases where native development is more suitable, such as more complex applications with special performance requirements, or when using unusual sensors and controllers.

Naturally we have the expertise in-house and can advise you independently before hand.

Rather do sprints than waterfalls

When developing apps you normally start off with a relatively vague idea and the user-experience has usually only been tested in easily developed prototypes. That’s why we swear by short, powerful sprints, in which we develop the app from week to week.

On the basis of a collectively designed roadmap we move from release to release. This gives us the opportunity to integrate feedback and ideas from stakeholders and users at any point until the launch, and of course beyond.

Business Apps

High-quality mobile solutions for companies: whether they are meant for internal collaboration or the customer service, as sales support or as a business idea in the context of digitalisation. We support you with state-of-the-art programming techniques and best practices knowledge concerning user experience. Let’s talk about your ideas and expectations regarding an app for your business!

Entertainment Apps / Games

From simple quizzes over entertaining games for leisure, to extensive MMOGs, our team does not only master the technologies for app development for web, Facebook, iOS and Android – we also develop the game concept and the graphics – with great attention to detail and extraordinary ideas for addictive gaming experiences.

App development example

Chronicles of Nerdia / MMRPG

Interested in working with us?

If you’re curious and want to check out our references in your particular branch, please don’t hesitate to ask. It won’t cost you anything – indeed it will most certainly be a big step forward in your journey.