Web Development with Lavarel

Customized websites and applications with a state of the art PHP framework.

Web Development with Lavarel

Fast, secure and dynamic

We can realize complex applications very quickly with Lavarel because many key functions such as message delivery, authentication, caching and software testing with complete modules can be implemented quickly and safely. The modular and scalable architecture ensures that only necessary features are implemented. And with the October CMS, there’s also a state-of-the-art content management platform easy to use and hence fun for the customer too.

When to use?

  • For novel, complex applications
  • If existing business processes are involved
  • If there are special requirements concerning performance and safety

How can we support you?


We talk about goals, required features, and development options. At the end of this step we get to a realistic estimation of time and budget required to complete the task at hand.


You can either deliver all design materials for desktop and mobile, or just wireframes and a corporate style guide. We take on whenever you need us. And make it a lighthouse project for your agency which makes winning more clients easier.


Based on the results of the previous steps we develop the site on our or your staging server. Our project tool helps you keep an eye on the progress and stay in control of the process.

Content + SEO

We can train your editors to use the CMS and you will get a detailed documentation of any customized features that we may have built. We can also add the content to the site, including all the SEO und Open Graph data that is needed.

Test + Golive

Finally all pages and functions will be tested on different devices. We take care of the page’s performance on the development environment and launch the site on your live URL.

Support + Maintenance

Following the launch we can continue to take care of backups and maintenance and give you emergency support if needed. Check out our competitive flat rates!

Interested in working with us?

If you’re curious and want to check out our references in your particular branch, please don’t hesitate to ask. It won’t cost you anything – indeed it will most certainly be a big step forward in your journey.

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